Warehouse for the online store

Warehouse for the online store «UitedBOX» – a reasonable approach to business

Online stores have many advantages that allow you to save on many aspects that require financial injections when servicing offline outlets. But the sales volume in the online store can be quite large, so you need to have careful to store products. To choose a suitable place you need, paying attention to a few basic points:


  • Transport junction
  • Conditions for shipping goods
  • Constant access to goods
  • Favorable conditions and absence of spoilage probability


It’s not always reasonable to remove a separate place, it’s more costly financially and doesn’t always fully meet the requirements. When renting “UitedBOX” warehouse, you will not only save time and money, but you will be completely sure of the safety of your goods.


What does the UitedBOX storage area offer


Our services include the provision of cells of various sizes, which are individually tailored to the client’s requirements:


  • Convenient goods shipment points
  • Round the clock guarded territory, protection from spoilage and theft
  • Favorable temperature and humidity level, good ventilation system
  • The presence of a fire alarm with extinguishing system
  • Access to stored property 24/7, which is especially convenient for 24-hour shops


In addition, each customer of the company can use free of charge additional services such as Wi-Fi, toilet, payment terminal, parking and sockets. Also here you can organize an office in a warehouse.


The minimum term of the concluded contract is 5 days and the longer the time, the cheaper you will be for a monthly rent.

How to rent a box for an online store in “UitedBOX”


For a better acquaintance with all the features and benefits of our warehouse, we offer an excursion. Our manager will guide you throughout the territory, answer the questions that have appeared and explain in detail about the terms of cooperation. This will allow you to choose the most appropriate option for your online store.


To consult and order the service, we suggest contacting the manager of “UitedBOX” by phone or filling out the feedback form. Also, we offer additional equipment for organizing your warehouse, such as racks, packing materials, containers and the like.


Rent a warehouse for your online store – it’s profitable, affordable and safe!