Warehouse for home

Warehouse for the home “UniBOX” – a comfortable hotel for the furniture and belongings

The UniBOX company offers to use the service of the warehouse for the household items. We will help to provide shelter for your temporarily unnecessary furniture, sports equipment, clothes and other items. We will ensure their safety in case you need to move or do a renovation.


Do not burden yourself with thoughts about your stuff during the process of renovation, store items in our warehouse! It will enable to keep them in order and clean, and also will speed up the renovation process, because the stuff will not constantly interfere and slow down the process!

A warehouse for a house is an ideal solution if you need to leave things temporarily while moving or maintenance! Bring them to us – it’s safe and secure! We have comfortable storage boxes of various dimensions, and we provide full round the clock access to them!

Sports equipment

Are you an athlete or just a lover of outdoor activities? Then having a bicycle, skis, skates, rollers, snowboards and maybe even a boat in your house is a common thing. You need all these things on trips or just during leisure time, but at home – the stuff only takes the space. We offer an excellent way out – store your sports equipment in our warehouse and take it back only when needed!

Baby stuff and toys

Everyone who has children knows firsthand of how quickly they grow out of clothes and stop being interested in various toys. So what shall you do in such a situation? If all the cabinets and shelves are filled with unnecessary things? UniBOX warehouse for the house offers reliable boxes and packing materials to save your stuff regardless their shelf life!

UniBOX offers:


  • Boxes from 1 m³
  • Safety
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Full individual access 24/7
  • Installation of your own lock


Your things are going to enjoy their stay at us!

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