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days a week
18C °temp. 45%hum.

Seasonal storage

100 uah/months.

for a set of wheels!

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The best self-storage of Ukraine



  • Long-term discount!

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About the warehouse





«UniBOX» Self Storage – convenient, fast and reliable!


“UniBOX” is a Self Storage consisting of individual storage units. Such a warehouse will be needed to optimize and reduce costs when running a small, medium and large business, as well as with online store. It stores almost any goods, office equipment, furniture, facilities, accounting and personnel archives.

Warehouse rent cost calculator

Storage time: 7 days
Price per month: uah. uah.
Cell: , м
Things we take for storage:
  • Furniture (tables, cabinets, chairs, etc.)
  • Office equipment and documents
  • Winter and summer clothes
  • Sports equipment
  • Baby things
  • Promotional material
  • Tires for storage

What can not be stored in stock:
  • Living things, animals, any plants
  • Weapons (as well as its parts and ammunition)
  • Highly flammable substances
  • Substances that emit vapors or strong odors
  • Toxic substances or gases
  • Products that quickly deteriorate (food)