Self Storage

«UniBOX» Self Storage

Our Self Storage consists of two warehouse complexes with a total area of ​​more than 3500 m2. Both complexes are located in Kiev. Warehouses are divided into cells (boxes) of various sizes from 1m³ to 24 m² and can serve more than 600 customers. Each box is locked with an individual lock, and the keys are exclusively with the client. Also, in our temporary Self Storage, optimal climatic conditions, there is professional security, there are convenient ways to pay for services and your personal cabinet.

Features and benefits of storage at the UniBOX warehouses:

  • Security.
    The storage units are equipped with personal locks, fire safety sensors, ventilation and smoke removal systems, as well as video surveillance, 24-hour security and access control.
  • Large selection of units.
    Depending on the need, the size of the storage unit varies from 2 to 20 m2 with a height of 2.5 m. For small stuff, the mini-boxes with a volume of 1 m³ are used.
  • Storage time.
    You can store necessary things constantly or for a short-term. The minimum period is 30 days.
  • Flexible dimensions.
    If you want or need, you can increase or decrease the size of the occupied space at any time.
  • Availability.
    During the storage period, you or your authorized representatives have unimpeded access to the storage unit 24/7.
  • Own locks.
    You are the sole owner of the lock and its keys.
  • Versatility.
    The storage unit is suitable for storing any items other than dangerous.
  • Additional service from «UniBox».
    Each customer has free access to the payment terminal, parking, sockets, Wi-Fi and the toilet.

How to rent a storage unit in Kiev

If you have any questions regarding the work of the UniBOX warehouse – call us, and our manager will answer all of your questions. If you want to see everything with your own eyes – come to us, our manager will guide you through the accommodations, and also help to conclude cooperation on the most favorable terms.

For additional consultation or relatively ordering the services, use the communication tools on the Contacts page. You can also “Order a call” and our specialist will call you back at a convenient time for you.